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Mosquito Joe is making headlines about our mosquito control services and how we’re making outside fun again. Check out some of the latest press about Mosquito Joe of Madison.

Simply September – How We Finally Said a Glorious Good-Bye to Mosquitoes

July 2020
Lindsay knows what it is like to have outdoor fun ruined by pesky mosquitoes. She and her eldest daughter have Skeeter Syndrome, meaning their reactions to a mosquito bite go beyond just a swollen, red, itchy mosquito bite. With much more time being spent at home this summer, Lindsay began to look for a solution to take back her yard from those pesky mosquitoes and decided to give Mosquito Joe of Madison a try! Read Lindsay’s blog to learn more about how her backyard went from “Oh No” to Oasis with Mosquito Joe.

27 ABC WKOW – Protecting kids from mosquitoes

August 2019
August 20th is World Mosquito Day and we are in the height of mosquito season. Seth Bouplon from Mosquito Joe joined us to share a few tips on preventing mosquito…Read More.

DeForest Times-Tribune – Mosquito Joe moves into DeForest

June 2019
Nothing ruins an outdoor get-together like a horde of blood-thirsty mosquitoes. It’s a common occurrence in Wisconsin, and this summer could be worse than normal. “It is the state bird…Read More.

WMTV 15 News – Tips on mosquito prevention for Mosquito Control Awareness Week

June 2019
Mosquito Control Awareness Week runs June 23rd – June 29th. Mosquito Joe Seth Bouplon expert shares tips on how to prevent mosquitoes this summer. Read more to find out how to stay swat-free this season.

WMTV 15 News – Staying ahead of mosquito season

May 2019
With May comes the start of mosquito season, but experts said the severity is hard to predict. However, there are ways to stay ahead and prepare. Read More about how to stay ahead of mosquito season.

Biters, Be Gone

June 2018
Mosquitoes in the Madison, Wisconsin area will ruin your outdoor plans. Mosquito Joe owner Kate Reithel goes through the process of how Mosquito Joe applies a barrier spray service to make sure that you can enjoy your backyard all summer long. Read more about Mosquito Joe’s treatments.