Ana Maria – Office Manager Assistant

ana mariaHello, I’m Ana Maria, your friendly Office Manager Assistant at Mosquito Joe of Madison. With a passion for providing excellent customer service, I am dedicated to ensuring your experience with us is smooth and hassle-free.

As your Office Manager Assistant, I am here to help you with a variety of tasks, including providing quotes, rescheduling services, setting up payment methods, and addressing any questions you may have over the phone. Your satisfaction is my top priority, and I’m always ready to assist you in any way I can.

Beyond my role, I am thrilled to share that the values of Mosquito Joe, such as taking care of pollinators and being environmentally responsible, are perfectly aligned with my own. I believe in the importance of preserving our ecosystem and creating a safer environment for everyone.

As a dog lover and someone who appreciates nature, I understand the significance of using botanical spray to protect against pests while maintaining a healthy balance in our surroundings. With Mosquito Joe’s commitment to responsible practices, I am proud to be part of a team that shares these values and actively contributes to the well-being of our environment.

If you have any inquiries or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Together, let’s create a mosquito-free and eco-friendly environment while ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

MOJO Madison Meet the Team Techs

Seth – Vice President of Operations

SethSeth is the Vice President of Operations at Mosquito Joe of Madison, and is a man of diverse accomplishments. While he excels in his professional role, Seth’s greatest pride lies in being a devoted father to his two daughters. During his leisure time, he indulges his adventurous spirit by traveling and hitting the open road on his motorcycle. Seth’s love for animals is evident as he takes pride in being the proud father of three dogs named Wrigley, Lola, and Vladimir. Furthermore, Seth’s past includes playing hockey at both the collegiate and junior levels, showcasing his passion for the sport and teamwork. With a background as a microbiologist and environmental engineer, Seth brings a valuable range of expertise to his role.

Tylor – Lead Technician

Tylor - Lead TechnicianTylor is returning for his 5th season with Mosquito Joe of Madison as Lead Technician, Tylor embodies the values instilled by his role model, his grandfather. With a wealth of experience, Tylor takes pride in his work and strives to provide exceptional service. What he loves most about his job is the diverse range of customers and the opportunity to work in different locations. Outside of work, Tylor’s passion lies in his annual fishing trip to Canada, where he finds solace and enjoyment in nature. With a strong work ethic and a love for adventure, Tylor continues to excel in his career while cherishing his favorite hobby.

Spencer – Technician

Spencer – TechnicianSpencer is a valued member of the team at Mosquito Joe of Madison. With a degree in culinary arts, Spencer brings his expertise and creativity to his work. His favorite aspect of the job is the opportunity to be outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and natural surroundings. Spencer looks up to Albert Hoffman as a role model, drawing inspiration from his varied achievements. Outside of work, he has a deep passion for the strategic card game Magic The Gathering, which showcases his analytical thinking. Spencer’s cherished advice is to slow down and appreciate life’s precious moments, reminding others that rushing through life diminishes its beauty.

Jack – Technician

Jack – TechnicianJack, a former Sonar Tech in the Navy, transitioned into a new career with Mosquito Joe of Madison. Bringing his dedication and skills from his military experience, Jack joined the team to combat mosquitoes and provide effective pest control solutions. A fascinating tidbit about him is that he received a tree as a gift from a person named Forest, adding a unique touch to his life story. Jack’s role model is his father, who has inspired him with his wisdom and guidance. The best advice Jack shares with others is to practice kindness and treat one another with excellence, fostering a positive and compassionate community.

Austin – Technician

Austin – TechnicianAustin finds great fulfillment in his role at Mosquito Joe of Madison, where his favorite aspect is working outdoors and creating a positive impact in the lives of his clients. Drawing inspiration from Ryan Reynolds, Austin entertains the team with his humor, even if it’s his own perception of being funny. Outside of work, Austin is an avid video game enthusiast, immersing himself in virtual worlds. With a zest for laughter and a passion for gaming, Austin brings a unique and entertaining presence to the team environment.