Spotted Lanternfly Control in Madison, WI

The presence of spotted lanternflies is a growing concern in Madison, WI. These relentless pests cause damage to trees, and plants, and wreak havoc on any lawns or gardens they can find their way to. Let us help protect your property with our expert services.

Mosquito Joe of Madison offers professional spotted lanternfly control services for homes and businesses in the area. Locally owned and operated, we’re here to safeguard our area from this invasive species.

What You Need to Know

The scientific term for spotted lanternflies is “lycorma delicatula”. They’ve been a problem in the US since 2014 but originated in China, India, and Vietnam. They have quite a rapid life cycle, taking just a year to mature fully. Recognizing the stages of their life cycle is important:

  • Egg Stage: Their eggs begin to hatch from May to June, and look like globs of mud.
  • Nymph Stage: From June to July, they gradually mature and go through four different nymph stages.
  • Adult Maturity: Once fully grown, spotted lanternflies begin their search for a mate. This usually happens any time from June to December.
  • Egg Laying: Starting towards the end of summer and lasting until December, they lay their eggs. They do this to ensure a new generation for the following year.

Act Early for the Most Effective Control

A super important detail is that spotted lanternfly adults can’t survive through the cold winter, but eggs can. That means it’s critical to eliminate their eggs during the winter so that they don’t have a chance to hatch come springtime. By targeting their eggs before they can mature, we effectively control their population for the upcoming season.

The Harmful Impact in Madison, WI

Spotted lanternflies eat almost anything – grapevines, fruit trees, and hardwoods are all on their menu. Their voracious appetite takes a real toll on the local flora. To make matters worse, they produce a sticky substance known as honeydew, which significantly differs from the delicious fruit. This honeydew leads to mold growth, which attracts other insects like ants and wasps and causes even further damage to plants.

Mosquito Joe of Madison’s Solution

Here at Mosquito Joe, we offer tailored spotted lanternfly treatments in Madison, WI. Our team of experts will identify affected areas and apply treatment to eradicate these bugs. The treatment stops spotted lanternflies from causing more harm in the future by creating a protective barrier.

We understand the importance of keeping your spaces buzz-free. We’ll tackle spotted lanternflies in their early stages so that your yard can stay healthy and thriving.

spotted lanternfly on a leafFAQs about Spotted Lanternflies

What do spotted lanternflies look like?
Spotted lanternflies have a gray color with black spots when they are resting. However, when they are flying, they have red and black wings, a black abdomen, and yellow highlights.

Are they harmful to humans or pets?
No, spotted lanternflies are not dangerous to humans or pets, just a nuisance in outdoor spaces. They can, however, have a negative impact on the environment and agricultural sectors.

Can I control spotted lanternflies on my own?
While spotted lanternflies aren’t harmful to us physically, for comprehensive and effective control, relying on a professional pest control service like Mosquito Joe of Madison ensures the best results.

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