Rodent Control Near Me in Madison, Wisconsin
image of a small rodent hiding in the interior of a dark pipe.

Don’t let rats, mice, or rodents move into your spaces! Trust the team at Mosquito Joe of Madison to help eliminate your concerns with our rodent treatment offerings. Rats, mice, and rodents (oh my!) are known to creep through the property, carrying diseases and leaving structural damage in their path. Bleh! Trust us, you do not want these scuttling creatures to take up residence on your property as they are known to carry disease pathogens as well as ticks and fleas. Let the team at Mosquito Joe of Madison help ensure that you won’t have to deal with these pesky rodents any longer!

What Kind of Treatment Does Mosquito Joe of Madison Offer for Rodent Control?

It is our goal to keep your family enjoying their home spaces instead of worrying about mice and rats. To help alleviate the rodent concerns you may have our team will:

  • Inspect and identify certain areas in and around your home/property that rodents can access and hide in.
  • Trap the rodents as necessary and remove them from your property.
  • Evaluate your home, garage, barn, shed, and outdoor areas where the rodent population hangs out.
  • Implement a rodent barrier that will help deter entrance.
  • Apply rodent repellent to keep them away for good.

The Mosquito Joe rodent control method focuses on keeping rodents out of your home from the start!

You Can Trust the Mosquito Joe of Madison Team for Rodent Control

Already known for our excellent mosquito, tick, and flea control services, we are now happy to offer rodent control as an additional layer of protection for your family and loved ones. Our team is experienced in keeping the mice and rats at bay so that your family time is spent relaxing instead of worrying.

Are Chemicals Used in Mosquito Joe of Madison’s Rodent Control?

Mosquito Joe rodent control uses no rodenticides that can risk leaving dead or dying rats and mice inside your home. Instead, we use a liquid rodent repellent to control the population and establish a barrier around your home. Our main goal is to prevent rodents from coming into your home in the first place. We block the pathways rats and mice use to access your garage, attic, basement, and home. We also alert you to existing issues on your property that may attract rodents.

Contact Mosquito Joe of Madison for a Rodent Control Quote

Mosquito Joe of Madison is here to help keep rats, mice, and other rodents from your spaces. To gather more information on if we’re the right choice for you, please give us a call at tel://608-504-2131 or fill out the request a quote form. A member of our team will reach out to you soon to talk through additional information.

Rodent Control FAQ

What is the cost of a rodent control treatment?

Each home and property type is different, and the cost will vary based on your unique needs. The Mosquito Joe of Madison team will be happy to talk further with you about your exact needs and how we can help.

What can I do to help prevent rodents in and around the home?

Ensure that there is no rotting debris around your property, especially food and/or sweet liquids.

How long can rodents live in your walls?

Mice, for example, can live months in your walls without water. Yikes!

Can rodents cause structural damage?

Yes! Rodents, including rats and mice, can cause damage to your home, barn, shed or garage over time.